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Oh's that time again. Septembers almost here, but this year it will be different........

So September is literally round the corner! I hear sighs of relief that the young ones are finally going back to school, however, this academic year is going to be different, a lot different. With that relief comes not only anxious parents and carers but also those who are affected.... our children aka the students. It’s been such a long time since they have stepped into their uniform and headed off to school. Their last memories were of shear panic (along with some excitement I’m sure) as to why they were leaving school so early.

We have all been on that roller coaster, a time where we all understood each other. We accepted that anxiety and fear was global and therefore were all on a similar page. Our feelings were not frowned upon or mocked, an understanding and acceptance was present as we all shared the uproar that Covid had brought to us.

There is so much to reflect back on. One being that we have never experienced anything like Covid before. As adults, the uncertainty and fear that we felt as human beings never stopped us being parents/carers. Having these eyes look at you for reassurance during a time when such uncertainty was occurring daily, something that we had no control over.... this became a job within itself. Pat yourself on the back! It was not easy! We didn’t have the answers yet we kept going. The stress the pandemic brought. The home tutoring, the pressure of work or lack of work, finances, fear or becoming poorly, losing our loved ones, the demand on the NHS, the list goes on....... Here we are, September is drawing near. A landmark for a new school year for our children. Exciting times for the new starters, again the uncertainty also creeps in. School will not be the same. Some may have not had their introduction, how will they know where to go? School won’t be like how others had left it. Like parents, teachers have these eyes looking at them for reassurance, reassurance that are based on guidelines and Covid rules. Similar to yourself, teachers will be doing their best to put on a brave face and be that reassurance even though their way of teaching is not the same as they left it. Staff will be on constant monitoring duties, but we continue to work together as a parent/school team to reach the same outcome.... our children are kept safe whilst returning some form of normality to our lives and the children’s lives. There will be changes, there will be fear and there will be distance within what use to be a comfort zone, again keeping everyone safe whilst slowly our world overcomes this. The key word “overcomes” does not delete our experiences, almost like a Covid scar, it will always be there even if it’s just in our memories. But look how far we have all come. Reflecting back to the day we were told to stay home. The day schools announced closing. The heightened fear of not knowing what was happening or what we should/should not be doing. The fear that our world was slowly running out of toilet roll, the queues outside the shops, the home schooling. Look how far we have come!! And this is something I feel we should be proud of. When at times we thought we were losing our s**t look where we are today! Right now reading this. So September is near.... another panic springs into our lives about whether the uniform will fit. Will the uniform shops will have enough stock? What will the classes be like? But more importantly “is my child going to be safe?” Your child is going into a setting where staff have worked so hard to gain the qualifications to do their job. With being a teacher comes the care, empathy and compassion for your children to ensure not only do they learn but they safely learn (not forgetting that some of these staff members are parents themselves). Yes, it is a worry. I’m a parent myself and there is that fear factor of “what if” but I fully trust that my daughter’s school will not put her or others at risk including themselves. She will be safe and I know she will be in good hands (she has the best teachers). We always fear the worst when we are not there to see. Rest assured, rules and guidelines are there not to be broken. Risk assessments galore! All the hard work of setting up plans and putting them into place are things that slip our acknowledgment when you don’t see what is happening “behind the scenes” (more safety measures). So September will be here in a blink of an eye. With all the worries, fears and anxiously preparing for that start, we forget one thing. Look who is going back to school, work, back to a routine... we are, which means we have followed all the guidelines and kept safe, we are lucky to say “we are ok”. Now it’s time to hand that responsibility over to our schools. Deep breath in and reassure not only yourself but our mini humans that it’s going to be ok. New beginnings in an adapted way....just for now. Everything that we have newly experienced is not our norm, yet we adapted to the changes. Have faith and remember why you chose your child’s school.

Going back to school is a light at the end of a very long tunnel and for that, I am hopeful. The journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step. Thank you for reading Warm and safe wishes Kat

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